Is Your Website Secure? 7 Easy Tips To Avoid Website Hacks

Promoting your business online can be a catch-22: while your website may encourage greater profit and engagement, it can also encourage the presence of the ‘bad folk’ (more commonly referred to as hackers).

Today, website hacks are more than just bringing your website down. Hackers have started targeting websites by injecting behind-the-scenes code to drive your ranking down. And being busy business owners, the security of your website may have slipped down your ‘critical things to worry about’ list.

This is where we’ve got your back though by providing you with the following 7 tips on how to avoid website hacks:

1. Free Website Security Audit:

Our Simply Websites Sydney based team can undertake a free quality penetration test that will scan your website vulnerability. Simply enter your details here: and we will provide you with a detailed quality report on what aspects of your website you can improve.

2.  Back up, back up, back up:

We can’t repeat this enough: back up everything and make sure that you do it frequently. It might seem unnecessary and tiresome at times, but this is your best protection against a worse-case scenario. Don’t rely on your hardware to do the work for you (hint: they will fail and Murphy’s Law will insist on happening at the very worst moment), make sure that your files are automatically backed up on a daily basis and that they are sent to multiple locations.

Remember: You don’t have actually have a back up unless you have a back up of a back up.

3. Update update update:

Another one of those points that constantly needs to be reiterated. Update everything and ensure that you stay updated. There’s no point in purchasing expensive software for your business and then hitting the ‘remind me later’ when it’s time to install a new version or update. Updates are occasionally provided by software companies if they have identified a vulnerability in the security of the certain software that their customers are using.

Hackers are continuously on the prowl, searching through thousands of websites each day in hopes that they can find those that are vulnerable. By putting off that 5 minute update you are only putting your businesses success at risk.

4. Prevent file uploads:

No matter how secure you may believe your system to be, a hacker is still able to penetrate your site’s data through file uploads. Therefore, prevent the option of file uploads. Instead, place them outside your root directory and gain access to it via scripts. Simply Websites can help set this up for you.

5. Strengthen your network security

You or your employees may inadvertently be providing hackers with vital information via your website servers. However, this can again be prevented by: ensuring that your employees’ logins are changed on a frequent basis (we recommend on a monthly basis); that you follow the golden rule of never writing your passwords down (please don’t do this); that the devices plugged into the network are scanned for bugs every time they are connected (take precautions, don’t let everyone join your network, better safe than sorry); that your password attempts are limited; and that user logins are inactivated after a certain period of inactivity.

6. Put a cloak of invisibility over your admin pages:

None of these tips matter if your admin page is not properly secured. Your most important information is stored within those premises, and if they’re not properly secured (especially on WordPress) you’re pretty much providing your hackers with an open invitation. Here’s how you can counter such vulnerability though:

  • Create custom login links
  • Lock down your login attempts
  • Use secure SSL Login pages
  • Why stick to one password when you can have TWO
  • Prevent access via IP addresses
  • Choose ridiculously strong passwords or alternatively use on time passwords instead
  • Use firewall plugins (there are plenty for you to choose from).

Nevertheless, securing your website from hacks can be a difficult process – especially if it a field that your business has never really considered too seriously. Simply Websites would love to help your business grow securely, so feel free to get in touch (call us on 1300 788 641 or email us at [email protected]) so that you can have a free consultation (and coffee, it’s on us!).

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